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1-Testosterone Cypionate (DHB) Dihydroboldenone

1-Testosterone Cypionate (DHB) Dihydroboldenone Powder

  • Molecular Formula: C20H28O2 
  • Molecular Weight: 300.44 
  • Melting Point: 193~195 °C.
  • CAS: 65-06-5
  • Assay: >98%, HPLC.
  • Description: Pale yellow to white crystalline powder.
  • Storage: 10~15 °C, 3 years.
  • Active Life: Depends on the ester utilized.
  • Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 200/100.
  • Dosage: 300-400 mg/week to 1000 mg/week.

What’s 1-Testosterone / Dihydroboldenone / DHB?

Raw 1-Testosterone (Dihydroboldenone) powder or DHB for short, is an anabolic steroid that differs from testosterone by having a 1,2-double bond instead of a 4,5-double bond in its A ring. A potent androgen with anabolic properties, The reason it is so popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts is the fact that it has some truly unique properties.

Dihydroboldenone (DHB), most commonly known as 1-testosterone, is a 5alpha reduced form of the steroid boldenone. This lack of 5alpha reduction with the compound allows users to administer it without suffering the negative side effects associated with this chemical reaction but also eliminates the benefits as well. Boldenone is not the only steroid that shares similarities with dihydroboldenone (DHB). In fact dihydroboldenone (DHB) is chemically identical to the drug methenolone except for the 1-methylation that is apart of methenolone. 1-methylation was of course added to methenolone to make it more available when taken orally and thus dihydroboldenone (DHB) is not efficiently utilized when administered orally, although it was once sold over the counter in tablet and pill form. Some of these over the counter preparations of the drug were done utilizing a delivery system similar to Andriol, i.e. producing an oil-solubilized product with dihydroboldenone (DHB). This would still not be a relatively worthwhile system of delivery to use however if one wanted to maximize the potential of the compound. Intramuscular injection is by far the most efficient method of administration to use as with most anabolic steroids.

As mentioned above, dihydroboldenone (DHB) is structurally similar to methenolone and boldenone and less so to testosterone despite the commonly used name for it, 1-testosterone. For this reason some female athletes may be inclined to use the drug as well. The potential for development of symptoms of virilization still remain but are not as severe as with synthetic testosterone or other harsher drugs. This is not to say however that dihydroboldenone (DHB) is a mild drug. To simplify the explanation of exactly what the drug is, it is to boldenone as dihydrotestosterone (dihydrotestosterone) is to testosterone. This would explain why the effects of the drug, both positive and negative, are so dissimilar to those of boldenone. Like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, a portion of the boldenone that a user administers converts to dihydroboldenone (DHB). Also similarly, dihydroboldenone (DHB) like dihydrotestosterone does not convert to anything else past that compound.

Dihydroboldenone (DHB), while not overly androgenic, is a potent anabolic. It has been demonstrated that the drug binds extremely well and selectively to the androgen receptor and stimulates androgen receptor transactivation of dependent reporter genes (2, 3). This equates to a drug that possesses the ability to stimulate significant muscle growth while not producing androgenic side effects. It has been shown to be by far more anabolic then such compounds as boldenone, nandrolone, and even testosterone itself. Obviously this is of great benefit to many athletes.

1-Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

Half life 6 days
Adult dosage is 300-700mg per injection ED for 4 -10 weeks as required
Average Cycle Length: 300-700mg per week over 4-8 weeks gives the best results
Anabolic #:200
Androgenic #:100
Bioavailability: 1-Testosterone Cypionate by intramuscular injection 100%

1-Testosterone Cypionate Homebrew Recipe

Dissolving formula for 1-test cyp oil 500ml @100mg/ml:
100g 1-test cyp powder,
349ml GSO(Grapeseed oil)/EO = 3/1,
10ml 2% BA(benzyl alcohol),
100ml 20% Solvents.

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