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Right use of oral steroids

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While oral steroids undoubtedly have their advantages, there are also a frightening amount of side effects associated with them. The nature of side effects is dependent on the exposure to the steroids and it is unlikely for a doctor to expose his patient to high levels of steroids. Generally, it is not these patients under steroid medication who end up displaying major side effects and symptoms associated with oral steroid abuse, but users who tend to abuse oral steroids for their personal physical gains.

It has been established that athletes consistently abuse oral steroids to enhance their performance. Athletes tend to do so because they are insecure about their potential and they have the notion that everyone else is using these steroids. They also abuse steroids to vastly improve the results from their training programs. Many of them are uninformed of the devastating effects oral steroids can cause to both their mental and physical well-being. Bodybuilders also tend to abuse oral steroidsat will because oral steroids have proven to accelerate muscle growth and increase physical strength. Bodybuilders like athletes also use steroids to make the most out of their training programs and gain results faster than naturally possible. Oral steroids also help athletes and bodybuilders beat dope tests because these steroids burn out quickly inside the system leaving no traces of its existence in the bloodstream .

Research has shown that oral steroids can cause hallucination and periods of extreme ecstasy in the users. They are also quite easy to slip through security checks making them a rage in the party circuit. This is why they have been abused by drug addicts around the world. Oral steroids are found to be addictive in nature, which means sooner or later the users get hooked to the steroids causing them to opt for long-term use. Long-term usage can lead to side effects which can be life threatening. Drug addicts are also chain smokers or alcoholics and abuse other intoxicants like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. These elements could combine with the oral steroids in their system and cause some devastating medical repercussions.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and addicts often procure oral steroids from the black market where oral steroids are available without prescription in exchange for inflated sums of money. Lab tests have discovered that oral steroids found in the black market have been laced with addictive agents designed to generate dependence on the drug. This is how the flourishing black market businesses retain their customers as steroids are not easily obtainable over the counter from pharmacies.

Users under steroidal medication too can face side effects arising from steroid use. It is critical for them to be in touch with their doctors and report any concerns to their doctor as soon as possible. Users of oral steroids should pay extreme heed to their doctor’s suggestions and not fail in implementing them to the dot. Small mistakes here and there will not cause any major harm but consistent indiscipline may result in terrible complications. The user should stay away from tendencies to abuse steroids just because they have access to them and they need to be extremely self-cautious in this regard.

There needs to be a major awareness drive aimed at informing the general society on the pros and cons of oral steroids. There should be an effective crackdown on black markets selling these steroids over the counter and attempts should be made to eliminate the sellers or agents spreading wrong information about these steroids.

The authorities should impose stricter sanctions against violators who are found to be in possession of oral steroids without prescription. Oral steroids when used only for medical purposes are a boon to our society but its abuse and their subsequent effects make it a bane too. Frightening taboos concerning oral steroids should be alleviated from society and more light should be shed on their positive effects. Medical scientists should be encouraged to continue developing these drugs and make them free of side effects in times to come.



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