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Asia’s No.1 muscle latitude male many beautiful women around

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In the world of bodybuilding, there are indeed many Asians whose muscle latitudes can not be compared with those of Europe, the United States and the Negro. Very few Asians can set foot on this stage in the men’s bodybuilding stage at Orsay. Is it really that Asians can not practice the big muscles?

Huang Zhexun appearance subvert the European and American people’s understanding of Asian men, they did not expect to be able to train even large-scale muscle latitudes, ins ins his fans close to 1000000 people, and most of the fans in Europe and America, fully demonstrated that foreigners Recognition of his body.

Huang Zhexun was also an ordinary person, this is his photo before the beast, a small fresh photo glance, many of my friends think he looks like Lin updated, handsome and handsome face really like, anyway, at first glance, it should be There will be many people mistaken.

Now his muscle latitude has surpassed the famous Japanese bodybuilder Yamane Hidekazu, Asia’s No. 1 muscle non-Huang Zhexun no latitude, which should now there is no objection. Domestic muscle latitude deer Chen Chen-hui’s first muscle compared to Huang Zhexun still a bit weaker.

But he was unable to attend the IFBB, the stage of bodybuilding top qualification, having to say it was a year’s regrettable event. Many people have questioned whether Huang Zhexun is playing medicine or the like. In fact, for many bodybuilders, this is his occupation. Even if there is nothing to fight, they will not sell your fitness plan and will not sell Your fitness supplements.

This side of the face is not looking more like Lin (cover his face), and now Huang Zhexun began to more thoughts into the entertainment, began to participate in many variety shows show the muscles, a lot of gold.

Now Huang Zhexun is really a winner in life, Liang Mei around the clouds, but Huang Zhexun actually heart owned, her wife is a private client, these pretty girls just to participate in the activities of the photo, but still let many otaku move Endless. But the tempted not as good as action, hurry up to buy raw steroids then practice it up.



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