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How do smes produce testosterone enanthate

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Testosterone Enanthate is a hormone ester, which can inhibit the pituitary gland and promote the release of gonadin, thereby reducing the endogenous testosterone secreted by testicular stromal cells, and finally achieving the purpose of blocking spermatogenesis. Testosterone, which is produced by the body, plays an important role in maintaining physical and sexual function.

Testosterone Enanthate injection is suitable for male sexual dysfunction, sexual organ dysplasia, infertility, cryptorchidism and non-testosterone. Can also be used for female functional uterine bleeding, menopausal syndrome, breast cancer and sexual organ cancer; Liver cirrhosis, aplastic anemia, osteoporosis and other wasting diseases.

Currently, in the process of producing Testosterone Enanthate, there is a method that takes androstenedione as raw material and successively carries out etherification reaction, reduction reaction and halogenation reaction to produce pure Testosterone Enanthate. However, due to the excessive reaction process, the equipment is numerous and complex, which not only costs a lot of equipment, but also covers a wide area, which is not suitable for the production and use of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Testosterone Enanthate production system is put forward to solve the problem that the Testosterone Enanthate production system is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises because of the too many reaction processes and complicated equipment.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the embodiment of the invention provides a production system of Testosterone Enanthate, which includes: reaction kettle, androstenedione catalyzes reaction in reaction kettle under the action of catalyst; The cooling tower is connected with the reactor to cool down the material output in the reactor, keeping the temperature of the material at 1-6℃. The heat collected by the cooling tower is input into the reactor to provide heat and heat preservation for the reactor. Crystal kettle connected with cooling tower; The centrifuge is connected with the crystal kettle to separate the solid and liquid of the crystallized mixture and obtain the precipitation of ether compounds as intermediate products. The reaction tank is connected with a centrifuge, and ether compounds catalyze reactions with lipids in the reaction tank; The evaporator is connected with the reaction tank and the centrifuge, and the products in the reaction tank are evaporated and concentrated and then sent to the centrifuge for centrifuge separation to obtain testosterone. The reactor is connected with a centrifuge and testosterone is halogenated in the reactor; A stratifier connected to the reactor for stratifying the reactant output from the reactor; The dehydrator is connected with the stratifier to dehydrate the obtained materials from the middle and lower layers of the stratifier; The dissolving pool is connected with the dehydrator; The plate and frame filter is connected with the dissolution tank and the crystallizer to filter the dissolved materials in the dissolution tank, and then the filtrate is successively input into the crystallizer for crystallization, and then into the centrifuge for centrifuge separation. The product collection tank is connected with the centrifuge.

Among them, an insulation layer is arranged on the outer wall of the reactor, and heat from the cooling tower is transferred to the insulation layer to provide partial insulation heat for the reactor.

The top of the reaction kettle is provided with a batching system, and the batching tank in the batching system is connected with the reaction kettle.

Among them, the batching system is an automatic control batching system controlled by computer.

Among them, Testosterone Enanthate’s production system further includes an adjustment pool, which is set between the reaction tank and the evaporator, connected to the reaction tank and the evaporator respectively. The adjustment pool is used to adjust the pH value of products in the reaction tank to neutral.

Wherein, an interface liquid level gauge is arranged in the stratifier.

Implementation of the present invention, has the following beneficial effects: the present invention provides the Testosterone Enanthate production system for batch production systems, heat exchange to the reaction kettle heating of the heat exchange tower insulation, saving heat energy, in the production of different time and the production process of crystallization axe and centrifuge used for many times, not only reduces the equipment cost, and reduced the whole production system which covers an area of, suitable for small and medium enterprises.

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