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How not to be cheated in buy steroids.

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Recently, someone took advantage of our company’s reputation and pretended to be an employee of our company. They used other email boxes to send emails to customers and defrauded them of their money. Here to remind new and old customers, Don’t fall for it!

There are too many cheating companies now. Please check the email address on our website. We only have two corporate Email: [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected]. Other mailboxes are all fake.

Our company will not use other email addresses to contact our clients. such as [email protected] etc.,,, like this email are all fake, these are not corporate mailbox, is private mailbox. all of which are the email addresses of fraudsters. Attention please.

When some employees quit or are fired, they take the company’s client profile with them. through their personal email address to contact customers. These people make money by selling cheap raws powder. Their products come from unknown sources, and even they do not deliver the goods to the customer after receiving the money.

There are also many illegal suppliers who use money to buy customer information and then initiative send emails to customers. Lure customers with very low prices, thus cheating customers of money. Please pay attention to the general customers, do not believe mail of unknown origin. Please identify the suppliers and email address you found on Google.

How do you know if it’s true or not?

1. Ask them what  is their website?

2. Ask them what’s the name of their company?

Then open their website and Check email or whatsapp that you’re in contacting with, and see if or not it’s on their website, if not, then this salesman is fake, please note, Stay Away From Her.

3. See if you’ve ever found it. If you’ve never found him, but he found you, there’s a problem.



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