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Piana take steroids for 30 years to keep their muscles in shape

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We all know that there is a simple and crude way to become strong —— anabolic steroids. These drugs disguised as a human body basic hormone —– testosterone, the body increases muscle mass, improve endurance, but the consequences of abuse of steroids is also very scary. Piana, 45, who has been using steroid drugs for 30 years, and his motto is “just for the sake of strength”.

For more than 30 years, he has been injecting anabolic steroids, coupled with his painstaking exercise and absurd diet, his body can not imagine the extent of the ordinary, live off a “muscle strange.” He won the championship at the 2003 Los Angeles Bodybuilding Competition in Los Angeles and the Sacramento Bodybuilding Competition in 2009, but he was not satisfied either. He did not intend to stop steroid injections.

Every day, Piana uploads her photos and videos on social media and frankly tells her fans about the fact that they were injecting steroids. With millions of fans, he was once a hot topic on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

In order to have zero-fat muscle, Piana drank a large amount of protein shake daily, and he ate 9 meals a day and exercised intensively for a long time. He said a month ago that he had gained 141.5 kg and was terrified.

While Piana has millions of fans, many will even follow Piana’s extreme fitness laws. But inevitably, there are also many voices of opposition. Some extreme opponents even abused Piana under Piana’s Facebook page, calling it “Scum of the Earth,” with a number of unlucky words.

More rational users are ignorant, criticized Piana for steroid advocacy. In response, Piana responded that it is his own life that anyone is not entitled to trial his conduct or not, and he has the right to make choices. In addition, Piana said he is experienced in the use of steroids, not abuse. Every time he uses steroids, he is also very cautious, he will control the amount of good, will also be used at intervals. At the same time, Piana is very satisfied with the muscle effect of steroids, the body did not have any side effects. “I’m happy and healthy myself, and this is what I want most,” Piana said.



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