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Professional Hidden Packing Method

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Perfect packaging will keep you from worrying during shipping. Because the product is powder and the color is white, if it is packaged in the traditional way, there will be a lot of trouble in the transportation process, and it is very easy to be detained by the customs. So we need to disguise it, we have made specially bags for sterol powder, such as amino acid bags, dog food bags, protein powder bags, etc. And the bags are thickened with aluminum foil color inside. This looks perfect and professional from the outside.

Because it’s international transportation, it will take a long time. If the packing is not strong enough, it may be damaged upon arrival.

We have a very high success rate through this kind of packaging. The success rate is 98% in the us, 99% in the UK, 99% in Australia, 90% in Brazil, 99% in Canada and other countries are above 90%.

With such a high success rate, we can guarantee that if the package is detained by the customs or lost, we will re-deliver the goods for the customer.

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