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Super Solvent Guaiacol for Painless Steroid Injection

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Guaiacol is a white or yellowish crystal or colorless to yellowish transparent oily liquid with a special aromatic smell. In nature, guaiacol exists in guaiacol resin or pine oil. Guaiacol is the main component of creosote obtained from wood distillation, and is an important fine chemical intermediate, widely used in the synthesis of medicine, perfume and dye.

Product Name:Guaiacol
CAS NO.:90-05-1
Molecular Formular:C7H8O2
Molecular Weight:124.14
Appearance:Yellow liquid
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade

Super Solvent

Guaiacol is the methyl ether of pyrocatechin, and is obtained by distilling guaiacum from wood-tar creosote. A strong solvent pure and simple it has some water miscibility to it and high degree of oil solubility as well.Guaiacol is called super solvent,as with most high mg gear it contained guaiacol as a solvent used to create that level of concentrate.It can dissolve powder more easily,and mainly used for oral steroids such as Oxandrolone,Dianabol,Winstrol,anadrol,etc.

Guaiacol is a combustable compound, so be very careful when brewing this if you use an open flame as your heat source. i would suggest everyone have a good hotplate with automatic, magnetic stirring if you regularly homebrew though.

Reduce Pain

Guaiacol has been shown to have anesthesic properties, though to what extent I can’t comment personally on. This fact is probably why solutions in high concentrations using the super solvent are reported to be painless or nearly painless by users.

But to give you an idea of the power of the guaiacol 300mg/ml testosterone propante can be made using .5g guaiacol to 1gram of testosterone propante. While this inject is tolerable it is not pleasant and I would not care to do this every day. Note the pain is independent of the hormone used, 100 mg/ml is the same as 300mg/ml. The only solution that I have gotten that is somewhat comfortable is a water reducible I made with it. See below:
1. 1gram of guaiacol
2. 2grams of D-bol
3. 1.2ml PG
4. 0.5ml BA

Side Effect

Though Guaiacol is a super solvent we seldom use it because it causes side effects which many people don’t like,such as:Allergies,Irritability,Fever,Cough,Disgusting vomits.

It has been shown to have irritating properties on inhalation, injestion, or skin contact in high quantities. It permeates the skin barrier very readily and will be distributed systemically as well.



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