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What are the advantages of high testosterone?

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We hear talk of low testosterone all the time; for crying out loud you cant turn the TV on without seeing a commercial regarding Low T. You see advertisements and articles in all of your favorite health and fitness related magazines with products bragging about increasing testosterone levels to give you a boost but you rarely if ever hear anyone talking about high testosterone. We say rarely because the majority will never visit an anabolic steroid related message board; if you do youll hear high testosterone discussed each and every day but most are completely unaware of what high testosterone can do and how it affects us.

Lets be clear right from the get go; high testosterone itself is not something to be afraid of as it is a highly beneficial condition. All of us produce testosterone in varying levels and while rare some will do so in massive amounts and generally thrive at a higher level than the rest. For the rest of us there is only one true way to achieve high testosterone levels and it is through the use of anabolic androgenic steroids; specifically exogenous testosterone. This is where problems can occur if the hormones are abused but if supplemented with in responsible fashion by healthy adult males the individual will see his quality of life greatly enhanced and he too will thrive.

The Advantages of High Testosterone:

What are the advantages of high testosterone? Actually a better question to ask is what arent they? That is correct, high testosterone can be that amazing as it will positively affect your physical and mental state taking you to new levels of effectiveness in a host of aspects of your life. On the very basis of an improved sense of well-being high levels of this potent androgen should be desired but the benefits hardly end there; no, were just getting started. If this doesnt peak youre interest nothing will; here are some of the advantages of high testosterone:

Increased Muscle Mass
Increased Strength
Decreased Body-Fat
Increased Energy
Greater Overall Athletic Performance
Increased Libido
Increased Mental Clarity
Increased Memory
Enhanced Mood
A Greater Sense of Well-Being

Of course and it should go without saying, the higher our levels the more enhanced these traits will be; of course, at the same time there will be somewhat of a cutoff point to where increasing them anymore is a waste of time and effort. While all this remains true this is where we can begin to get into problems as the only true way to obtain high testosterone levels is through the use of the anabolic steroid testosterone itself. When we supplement with testosterone we will find this is a very safe and effective hormone but it does carry possible side-effects when administered in exogenous fashion. Most healthy adult men who supplement and do so responsibly will be fine but there are important factors we must recognize.

We are all unique individuals and as such higher doses of testosterone will affect everyone differently. Further, as the dose goes up, although benefits will be enhanced the rate of probability regarding adverse reactions increases as well. It is a tradeoff and some men will respond well to higher doses while others wont and this can be hard to predict. Even so, with responsible use the majority and we do mean the strong majority of men can increase their levels safely and enjoy the benefits within.
The End Game:

By the very nature in-which anabolic steroids are often portrayed in popular culture many men are petrified of high testosterone levels; in-fact, many men are petrified of simply receiving treatment for a low level condition. This is we can assure you a misplaced fear. Testosterone is not a foreign substance to the body, it is not poison and no one has ever died from exogenous use. That is correct; there has never been a recorded death due to the use of exogenous testosterone or any anabolic androgenic steroid for that matter. The reason most men are so scared of high testosterone levels is simply because they do not understand what the hormone is and how important and vital it is to our body. Regardless of your position on anabolic steroid use you produce testosterone whether you like it or not and if you can begin to understand the importance of the hormone and its basic functions you can at least begin to appreciate what high testosterone levels can do.



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