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Why do sportspersons like use steroids?

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Due to all the medical advantages that Anabolic steroids provide to an individual, athletes use them to achieve an edge in their performance. Apart from removing fatigue and letting them train for hours, steroids also act as a buffer to lactic acid which causes muscle pain during physical exertions. Steroids also contain the hormones that can boost quicker recovery from injuries. Since steroids can increase endurance levels multiple times, athletes find it easier to run faster and improve their performance in sports.

In women, greater effects can be achieved through much less doses of anabolic steroids. This is because the female body has only minimal amounts of male hormones and giving even a small dose of steroids can multiply their strength many times. This also makes women much more vulnerable to hormone damage from steroids since introducing steroids into a female’s body essentially means introducing male characteristics in her.

The performance improvements achieved through steroids do not look unreal, but are yet dramatic. Steroids’ contribution to muscle growth, decrease of fat and increased metabolic activities also make it more convenient for athletes to boost their performance. Since steroids are generally water-based, they can traverse the body in only two days and become untraceable. This is an important reason why most sportspersons choose to use steroids to build their physique as well as improve their performance.

Besides a desire to win, some athletes also have desires to break previous records or to do something spectacular that nobody has done yet. Audiences love excitement, and athletes want to meet the expectations of the audience. So it is unfair to blame only the athletes for taking steroids, because the expectations of the audiences are also a determining factor which spurs athletes to enhance their performance.

However, the best effects of steroids can only be achieved when taken alongside a rigorous training regime and a proper, healthy diet. Athletes also need a good coach and have to be genetically inclined for athletics. If any of these four factors are lacking, then optimal results cannot be achieved through the use of steroids.

It has been shown in studies that experienced weight-lifters can lift almost as much weight without steroids as with them, but this may be just because they feel psychologically weaker without steroids. Less experienced athletes, however, were able to lift much less without steroids than with them. These results prove that the actual potential of experienced professionals are not much influenced by steroids, but those who are still developing can gain a large enhancement in their performance from the use of steroids.



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