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About steroid injections and lumps and pain

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Some people start taking steroids and have local lumps, or itching and pain. Pain is normal, general Testosterone would compare pain, followed by Stanolone(DHT) and Trenbolone. Boldenone and the pain after the card injection was almost imperceptible. These more painful drugs also don’t hurt until 12 hours after the injection.

There is no sensation during the injection. So talk about lumps and itching here. First of all, disinfection must be thorough. Buy more needles and cotton swabs don’t be afraid to waste must be thoroughly sterilized. If there’s a lump, but it doesn’t hurt and it’s just swelling it’s fine. Itching is not an allergy as long as it is not systemic. The oils used for drug injection in the country are usually soybean and castor oils which are not easily absorbed by the body. So there’s a lot of potential for lumps in one area if you hit it twice a week.

It’s fine if it’s large, but it’s important if it’s small, because the small lumps tend to be the muscle fascia that wraps around the drug, which makes it harder to absorb. If the area is just a simple bad absorption, a month will be good.

A month if not good, go to surgery to see, cannot be local minimally invasive to remove the induration. So it’s usually not a big problem so you don’t have to worry too much about local itching because the injection goes down to the subcutaneous fat and a little bit of the fluid can cause itching on the skin and that’s fine.



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