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regenerates the nervous system – Anavar

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Aren’t anabolic steroids muscle-building? Yes, but that’s a sign of naivete. Anabolic steroids can not only significantly improve protein synthesis in skeletal muscle and other tissues, but also have a nourishing effect on brain and spinal cord. Clinical trials have shown that anabolic steroids can repair damaged nerve tissue and promote recovery.

Anavar, an fda-approved steroid with high safety, was used to treat patients with myelin injury (a genetic disorder characterized by distal limb weakness, loss of sensation, slow nervous system conduction and severe muscular atrophy). Patients were given 20mg of Anavar daily for 3 months and were given strength training three times a week. When the patients were evaluated at the end of the treatment, they showed significant improvements in muscle strength and the ability to walk. Muscle biopsies showed a significant improvement in muscle fiber grouping, which is a sign of neuronal regeneration and reinnervation of the nervous system. This clinical trial shows that anabolic steroids have potential nerve repair ability and can improve the effectiveness of neuromuscular work by improving myelin synthesis in the peripheral nervous system.

Don’t think that the nervous system is not important during training. The precise control of the nervous system over muscles is an important factor in muscle growth. The better the control, the better each training move feels, the more the muscle’s potential can be fully tapped. More control, more power. Anavar, in addition to giving you quality muscle, is a powerful weapon that increases control.



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