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Flibanserin Powder

Flibanserin Powder
Buy 99% Purity Flibanserin Hormones Powder, Flibanserin Also Known as Female Viagra, Female Sex Enhancement Flibanserin Powder, Flibanserin Steroid Powder For Sale.

Product Name:Flibanserin
CAS NO.:167933-07-5
Molecular Formula:C20H21F3N4O
Molecular Weight:390.40
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance:White powder

Female Viagra/ Flibanserin

A new “female viagra” drug, Flibanserin, can stimulate the central nervous system of women and restore their libido, according to the trade name Addyi.

The effect of Flibanserin was also discovered by accident, and experts discovered its aphrodisiac effect as an anti-depressant. Participants in the study said their depressive symptoms were not relieved, but they experienced an increase in libido.

The researchers found that women’s daily sexual desire increased after taking Flibanserin, a phenomenon that has been tested in a number of clinical trials. The unusual effect of the drug has gradually been recognized, meaning it could be sold in the World.

Flibanserin / Action principle

The drug ACTS directly in the area of female brain control pleasure, restoring a woman’s gradual decline. By regulating the stimulating body system, Flibanserin helps restore sexual inhibition and excitement, and ultimately leads to a healthy lifestyle. The effect of the drug is not immediate, and it takes a few weeks to get the effect.

Flibanserin / Market Outlook

According to incomplete statistics, a quarter of the world’s women suffer from low sexual desire, indicating a better sales outlook for Female Viagra, with a preliminary estimate of 2 billion pounds in annual sales.

Male before taking Viagra is used to treat heart disease, and Flibanserin originally only is one kind of antidepressants, but research in clinical tests show that the drug can improve the women’s mood, give full play to their sexual desire. Tests of more than 2,000 low-libido women showed that it had the same effect as male viagra.

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