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Some Myths about Testosterone Hormone

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As with other drugs, testosterone hormone has some mystery around it for the people who do not use it. Leading to all sorts of myths around it. Here are some such myths along with the reality regarding the subject.

Testosterone hormone is prohibited: Using high numbers of testosterone is unlawful in athletic competitions, therefore is buying testosterone without prescription. Otherwise, testosterone can be a perfectly legal drugs and could be accustomed to treat many medical conditions. It’s also used to increase endurance in sports trainings, in order that the person can train harder. However, using it must be stopped before entering into a sports competition.

Hormones are Dangerous and so is Testosterone: hormones are naturally found hormones by the body processes. The ones utilized for sports are those that really help in building muscles and strength. If used irresponsibly along with extremely high doses, only then steroids pose any problems for our body. Testosterone is usually one of many safer ones that are found in sports.

Testosterone Can Cause Unruly and Violent Activities: Testosterone hormone has masculinizing abilities and therefore increases the aggressiveness of an individual. However doesn’t cause uncontrollably violent activities unless taken in unmanageable amounts. In reality, not enough testosterone in a individual can create irritability and hot flashes. Though reports have linked testosterone to criminal behavior, an equal number of studies show there had not been relationship of testosterone to crime. If an individual is psychologically inclined towards becoming a criminal, then testosterone may push him further towards it, but it does not convert normal people to psychopaths.

Testosterone Hormone May cause Prostate Cancer: As previously mentioned, testosterone never causes cancer of prostate on its own. If there is an existing prostate type of cancer, it may aggravate the symptoms or lead it to spread faster. However, if the man has been castrated, and later he’s administered high amounts of testosterone, he might have a chance of developing prostate cancer. Those who have not been castrated are certainly not at any danger from developing cancer of prostate from the using testosterone.

Higher Degrees of Testosterone Hormone Might cause Baldness: It is true that higher testosterone levels may cause thinning hair. That is only simply because that testosterone decomposes to dihydrotestosterone, along with the latter causes your hair loss. It is usually easily prevented using drugs like Propecia ¡§C a finasteride.




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