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Methasteron(Superdrol) Powder

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Methasteron(Superdrol) Powder Basic Characters:
Name: Methasteron(Superdrol) powder
CAS: 3381-88-2
Molecular Formula: C21H34O2
Molecular Weight: 318.49
Melt Point: 223-225℃
Assay: 99%
Color: White crystalline powder

Methastrone(Superdrol, and methyldrostanolone) is an oral anabolic steroid. Superdrol or Superdrol is an anabolic steroid. For bodybuilding/athletic purposes Superdrol increases testosterone levels which induce substantial increases in bodily shape and size, largely due to its ability to increase your number of muscle fibers.

These benefits alone make Superdrol a formidable androgen, but it also encompasses other traditional steroid properties like: increased red blood cell (RBC) production; improved endurance during exercise via better lactic acid clearing; enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles for greater stamina; better muscle glycogen restoration after exercise for faster recovery and; the inhibition of catabolism (muscle destruction).

Methastrone(Superdrol) Powder Non-medical Uses

NuMei Bio-Tech is with synthesis and production ability from gram to mass order of Methasteron(Superdrol) powder (3381-88-2), under CGMP regulation and trackable quality control system.

Methasteron(Superdrol) powder , also known as methyldrostanolone, is an orally active anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) that was never marketed through legitimate channels for medicinal purposes. It was brought to market, instead, in a clandestine fashion as a “designer steroid.”
Methasterone resurfaced in 2005 as a “designer steroid”. It was brought to market by Designer Supplements as the primary ingredient of a dietary supplement named Superdrol. Its introduction into commerce may have represented an attempted circumvention of the U.S. Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 (along with its 2004 revision), since the law is, in part, drug-specific; methasterone, as is the case with many designer steroids, was not declared a Schedule III class anabolic steroid in that act because it was not commercially available at the time the act, and its subsequent revision, were signed into law. Methasterone was therefore being sold as an over-the-counter dietary supplement.

Methasteron(Superdrol) Powder COA

Product Name Superdrol Quantity 1kg
Batch №. MC180718 Report №. 180718
Date Of Manufacture 180718 Date Of Analysis 180719
Description White Crystalline Powder
Ref. Standard Enterprise Standard
Results Of Analysis Tests
Test Analysis Standard Results
Specific Rotation +12°~ +17° +15.3°
Loss On Drying ≤0.5% 0.24%
Assay ≥97.0% 98.11%
Melting Point 128~138°C 129.6~136.2°C
Heavy Metals ≤20ppm <10ppm
Conclusion (Be Conform Enterprise Standard)

Methasteron(Superdrol) Powder HNMR

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